The PVC backing (the plastic wristband) is designed to be worn as a bracelet to which the black patch should be adhered and kept in constant contact with the skin. The black patch is the "smart" part that releases ions via a potential difference with the skin. This ion flux generates very low intensity magnetoelectric signals (on the order of nanoTesla) that optimize the electromagnetic expression of NAC by enhancing its reducing (antioxidant) capabilities. Laboratory tests (in- vitro) showed that the denaturation rate of the spike protein increased from an average of 64% to 99.8% in just 30 minutes.

The patch is composed of a number of materials, the main ones being magnesium, carbon, and piezo-pyroelectric components, which are used to generate and modulate ion flux.     

The NAC bracelet is not a medical device, nor does it have any mechanical or metabolic effect on the human body. It is a high-tech product developed to optimize the antioxidant properties of the dietary supplement N-Acetylcysteine.

The NAC bracelet consists of a PVC backing (the plastic wristband) and a black component (patch) made of materials that have no contraindications when in contact with skin (except for people allergic to PVC)-see lab test.

No, the NAC bracelet does not have a battery.

  • Remove the transparent wrap from the PVC backing (the plastic wristband) and the protective tape from the black patch.
  • Stick the black patch on the widest part of the the plastic wristband.
  • Remove the protective tape at the end of the plastic wristband.
  • Place the wristband with the black surface of the patch facing inward on your wrist, ensuring that the black surface of the patch is always in contact with the skin, but is comfortable and does not impede circulation.

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The bracelet must be worn continuously, day and night, in constant contact with the skin, for a total of 3 months. After 3 months, its function is exhausted. If the bracelet is not worn, it does not expire and its function is not exhausted. The NAC bracelet is guaranteed for a period of 3 months of continuous use from the first time it is worn.

To ensure the effectiveness of the NAC bracelet for the entire three-month duration, it is a good habit to clean the surface of the plaque in contact with the skin at least every 2-3 days. Simply lather a finger with mild soap, rub gently and rinse. There is no need to peel off the bracelet, but if it is necessary we suggest buying and using bioadhesive.

It should be worn/used in conjunction with the dietary supplement NAC (preferably augmented) when necessary: preparation for the fall/winter season, flu, covid, long covid, vaccination, vaccine damage, etc. Several scientific publications available on zerospike.org have effectively demonstrated the usefulness of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) in these cases. It is up to each individual to read, research and decide whether to supplement his or her diet with NAC, preferably in its Augmented version, and enhance its antioxidant effects also by means of the NAC bracelet. Once the bracelet is worn, it should always be kept in contact with the skin, both day and night.

The NAC bracelet is neither a drug nor a medical device and thus can be used by anyone taking the NAC supplement to help detoxify spike proteins (covid/long-covid/covid vaccination). Independent laboratories have measured in vitro the level of spike denaturation by N-Acetylcysteine. There are no in vivo studies yet confirming the effect in animals, but the scientific literature on the use of NAC for covid is compelling.

Yes, the NAC bracelet can be used in conjunction with any brand of N-Acetylcysteine (NAC).

The NAC supplement is available on the market in capsules ranging from 100 to 600 mg. It is generally suggested to be taking 1-2 times a day, depending on needs, symptomatology and tolerance. Each person is unique, so he or she should always consult his or her doctor. FRI does not offer any medical advice or services. Our association is dedicated to helping members and humanity protect freedoms, fundamental rights, health and well-being. That is why we connect people with doctors, lawyers and many other professionals who devote part of their time to our common goals. The fruits of the research we fund and the knowledge we develop are made available for free, for the collective good. People with covid, long-covid, vaccine-injury should always consult their doctor when considering taking NAC and its doses, even though it is not subject to prescription.

The bracelet is to be used in conjunction with N-Acetylcysteine (NAC), having demonstrated in vitro (but not in vivo) its effect on NAC in spike protein denaturation.

The NAC bracelet does not lose its effectiveness when it comes in contact with water or under water.

No, the NAC bracelet does not interfere with any medication. In fact, the NAC-bracelet is neither a medication nor a medical device.

Yes, the NAC bracelet does not interfere with medical equipment designed to help diagnose, monitor or treat medical conditions.

Yes, the bracelet can also be worn by children and adolescents taking NAC in case of covid, long covid, vaccination. There are no contraindications or age limits, as the NAC-bracelet is neither a medicine nor a medical device.

The FRI strongly discourages so-called "covid inoculations", based on the substantial scientific literature already known.
In the event that it is absolutely not possible to avoid them and a decision is made to take NAC, the NAC-bracelet should be worn immediately prior to inoculation along with taking NAC. To date, there is no scientific evidence that NAC - with or without the NAC-bracelet - prevents and/or limits any vaccine damage.

The NAC-bracelet should not be used by individuals allergic to the materials listed above or to PVC. In case of allergic reactions or dermatitis resulting from specific sensitivities to the materials or from poor maintenance, remove the NAC-bracelet immediately and consult your doctor.

There are no side effects because the NAC bracelet is not a medical device and does not mechanically or metabolically intervene in the human body.

It is suggested that the NAC bracelet be disposed of as electronic material (the black patch) and as plastic (the PVC wristband) at the appropriate collection centers.

Yes. For example, you can use a band-aid to stick the black patch on another part of your body. Make sure that the surface of the black patch is in constant contact with the skin in that area.